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Five typewritten pages; [page 1] includes outline of A and B; [page 2] includes outline of I-III; [page 3] includes outline of IV – VII; [page 4] includes outline of VIII – BII; [page 5] includes outline of III-V

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Shortly after Germany’s annexation of Austria, Hermann Goring issued the “Decree for the Reporting of Jewish-Owned Property”, requiring Jews in Greater Germany to register any property or assets valued at more than 5,000 Reichsmarks, including – but not limited to – art, stocks and other financial assets, life insurance policies, furniture, etc. This so-called “aryanization” (Arisierung) of Jewish owned wealth, this state-sponsored plundering and expropriating Jewish businesses, property and valuables, was justified by Nazis ideology inasmuch as Jews were considered historically parasitic on Germans; it followed, therefore, that since Jews enriched themselves by stealing from the German people, Germans were entitled to take it back since they were, after all- in his warped and self-interested thing – the rightful owners. It was hoped, moreover, that more Jews would see fit to emigrate, and aryanization would be seen as providing an important salvo aimed at removing Jews from the Reich entirely. After all, without the means of perpetuating their wealth, without means of supporting themselves as a community, and without homes and a homeland, Jews would be rudderless and unable to preserve their distinct identities.


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Hermann Goring, Aryanization



Decree for Reporting of Jewish Owned Property



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