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Broadside titled “BEKANNTMACHUNG” at top of left side and “VYHLASKA” at top of right side, left half of broadside in German, right side of broadside in Czech, dated May 27, 1942.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: SS Obergruppenfuehrer Reinhard Heydrich, the Reichsprotektor in Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia); head of the Reich Security Main Office; Chairman of the infamous Wannsee Conference (which devised plans for implementation of the Final Solution); and the man responsible for the Einsatzgruppen; had been wounded in an assassination attempt by British trained Czech soldiers on May 27, 1942. Heydrich died one week later –on June 4th- from his wounds.

This rare broadside of “Bekanntmachung,” issued by Karl Hermann Frank just hours after the assassination attempt on Heydrich’s life, offers a reward of 10,000 kronen leading to the capture of the perpetrators. A state of civil emergency is declared with a curfew, along with the closure of restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, and public transportation. Anyone violating the curfew, providing assistance to the perpetrators, or failing to notify the authorities of the identity or whereabouts of the perpetrators, is to be shot along with their entire family.

Hitler ordered brutal reprisals following Heydrich’s death. Karl Hermann Frank carried out these reprisals against the entire village of Lidice, which was razed to the ground, its male residents executed, and its women and children deported to Ravensbruck where most were murdered. A similar massacre occurred in the village of Lezaky.

The assassins, Jan Kubis and Josef Valcik, evaded capture by committing suicide in cathedral in Prague where they had been hiding. Text in both German and Czech.


18 x 24"


Reinhard Heydrich, Assassination, Reward, Karl Hermann Frank


1941-1943: Deportation & Extermination: Concentration Camps and Extermination Centers

Reinhard Heydrich Assassins Reward Broadside