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Large broadside titled "Translation of a Communication addressed to the Governor of the Isle of Jersey” in black print near top of page, dated “1st July, 1940, list of eight items.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Broadside issued July 1, 1940, an English translation of a communication addressed to the Governor of the Isle of Jersey from the commanding general of the German Air Force in Normandy, announcing the German intent to occupy the island and ordering its surrender. The broadside reads in part: “1. I intend to neutralize military establishments in Jersey by occupation. 2. As evidence that the island will surrender the military and other establishments without resistance and without destroying them, a large White Cross is to be shown as follows… 3. If these signs of peaceful surrender are not observed by 7 a.m. July 2nd, heavy bombardment will take place… 6. All Radio traffic and other communications with Authorities outside the Island will be considered hostile actions and will be followed by bombardment. 7. Every hostile action against my representatives will be followed by bombardment. 8. In case of peaceful surrender, the lives, property, and liberty of peaceful inhabitants are solemnly guaranteed…” The local governor adds a note at bottom: “The States have ordered this Communication to be printed and posted forthwith, and charge the Inhabitants to keep calm, to comply with the requirements of the Communication and to offer no resistance whatsoever to the occupation of the Island.” Utilizing slave laborers held in concentration camps on Sylt and Norderney, the German occupiers constructed elements of the Atlantic Wall fortifications on the island.


30 x 20"


Channel Islands, Jersey



Translated German Broadside Demanding the Surrender of the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands



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