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Document includes large Star of David near top in blue, “BEWIJS VAN AANMELDING” printed in black, stamped with date “APR 1941” near bottom. Back includes “Jan van Eyckstraat 12” printed at top of page.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:Card issued to Curt Bluth, originally from Germany, but living in the Netherlands. His wife, Friederike Henschel Bluth, is named on the card below. The card is signed by Abraham Asscher, who, along with David Cohen, co-chaired the Jewish Council or, Joodse Raad. This council mediated German policy in the Netherlands with respect to Jews. Asscher and Cohen have been criticized for their cooperation and even collaboration with the Nazis by the Dutch government in exile and others.

Friederike Henschel seems to have worked for the “Expositur which was responsible for contact between the Germans and the Jewish Council. She may have survived the war. Her husband was deported to Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen, but he too may have survived.


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Netherlands, Curt Bluth, Friederike Henschel Bluth, Abraham Asscher, David Cohen, Joodse Raad



Identification Card Issued to Jews in Amsterdam Identifying Them as Jews



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