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Front: Brown envelope with red cross and SS thunderbolts in the middle, with text above and below the cross. A Christmas gift envelope from the Bad Polzin-Lebensborn Home in Pomerania. Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A Christmas (referred to by SS as Julfest) gift envelope from the Bad Polzin -Lebensborn Home in Pomerania, situated in a medieval castle. The bat would be filled with a little gift and presented to children. The mothers would be living at the facility during the holiday. This particular home was opened in 1938. Under Himmler's direction after 1935, and as part of the Race and Settlement Bureau of the SS, the Lebensborn's goal was esstentially to increase the birth rate of Aryan children in accordance with standards of racial, biological, and hereditary purity, and to ensure a life in harmony with nature. Unmarried maidens who met the requisite criteria gave birth to their children, while SS men were encouraged to volunteer the procreative services: all to ensure parents of pure Aryan stock. The child was then given to the SS organization who took charge of eduation and adoption.


6 1/2 x 4 1/2"


Red Cross, Polzin-Lebensborn, Pomerania, Race and Settlement Bureau, Lebensborn, Children

Gift for Lebensborn Children



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