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Tan postcard, “VINCEREMO” printed across left side, titled “CARTOLINA POSTALE” in brown print at top, brown postage stamp on right side above “CENSURA 3” stamped in blue. Sorani was a Jewish delegate of the Rome office of DELASEM (DELEGAZIONE PER L’ASSISTENZA EMIGRANTI EBREI) the Jewish resistance organization in Italy aiding Jews- both Italian and foreign- who fell beneath the Axis boot. DELASEM provided money, housing, and if necessary, false documents to assist refugees interned in Italian camps. Support for DELASEM came from international organizations such as AJDC and HIAS, as well as elements of the Catholic Church and the Swiss.

David Levy may have been related to Giuseppe Levi of the Rome office. He is clearly appreciative of funds sent his way. He could be part of the network of internees who worked for DELASEM, especially given the proximity of Borgotaro to Parma, a hotbed of partisan resistance to the Nazis and the Italian puppet state, which would not be liberated from German occupation until the end of April 1945.


4 x 5 1/2"


Delasem, David Levy, Septimus Sorani, Borgo Val Di Taro, Borgotaro, Italy



Censored Postcard Sent From Borgo Val Di Taro (Borgotaro) by David Levy to Delasem Leader Septimus Sorani in Rome



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