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Front: Inverse colored reproduction of a typewritten document in German. This proposal submitted to the ethnological foundation (Ahnenerbe-Stiftung) was introduced as evidence at Nuremberg Doctor's Trial.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Dr. August Hurt (1898-1945): Proposal submittedto ethnological foundation (Ahnenerbe-Stiftung), introduced as evidence atNuremberg Doctors' Trial. 1943. Hirt was a captain in the SS and chairman atReich University in Strasbourg. Working with the Ahnenerbe division he, WolframSievers and Bruno Beger collected corpses from inmates in order to create ananatomical specimen collection primarily of Jews selected from concentrationcamps in a pseudoscientific effort to identify physiological differences betweenthe "races." 109 Jews were selected to be gassed, their bodiesreturned to Hirt at his laboratory for preparation as a display. In thisproposal he is attempting to get the Ahnenerbe Foundation to support hisethnological "research." In the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial of 1946, 23SS physicians, scientists, and officials were indicted for crimes againsthumanity, and accused of committing "murders... tortures, and atrocitiesand other inhuman acts" through medical experimentation as well as througheuthanasia and forced sterilization. Hirt committed suicide before he could bebrought to trial. Source: USHMM.


10 x 8"


Ethnological foundation, Ahnenerbe-Stiftung, Nuremberg, Nuremberg Trials, Doctor's Trial, Reich Univeristy, Strasbourg, Ahnenerbe division, Death, USHMM, August Sievers Hurt, Bruno Wolfram Beger



Copy of Proposal Submitted to Ethnological Foundation from Dr. August Hirt (copy from USHMM)



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