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Green paper, wear along edges, three underlined lines in center, "43" stamped in blue ink in top right corner.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Document from September 16, 1942 announcing Stroop’s promotion to the rank of the SS-Brigadefuhrer and Major-General of Police, the rank which he held at the time of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, signed by an unknown Hauptsturmfuhrer. Stroop was the SS Police Leader of Warsaw who was responsible for the savage crushing of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 about which he wrote a book – intended as a souvenir for Himmler originally entitled “The Warsaw Ghetto is no more.” It took Stroop and his army a month of overwhelming firepower to subdue the Ghetto fighters who had little in the way of food or ordinance. Indeed, Stroop grudgingly acknowledged surprise at the fighting spirit of the ghetto inhabitants. Brought to trial as a war criminal, he was found guilty and executed – appropriately - in Warsaw.

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11 1/4 x 8"


Jurgen Stroop, Warsaw Ghetto, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Heinrich Himmler



Document Relating to Jurgen Stroop and Rudolf Brandt



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