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Tan paper, black print, stamp in black ink at top, "203/205" written in blue in top right corner, back of letter includes three underlined rows and pink writing

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: In this memo, Wilhelm Harster has prohibited the publication and circulation of several noteworthy Jewish books including Lessing’s Nathan the Wise and Dr. H. Brugman and Dr. A. Frank’s Die Geschiedenis der Joden in Nederland (The History of the Jews in the Netherlands). Confiscation of these materials is imperative. The letter refers to measures that will be take by the Security Police if there are violations of this order. Wilhelm Harster, by training a lawyer, was a high-ranking member of the SS, and Commander of the Security Police and Security Service in the Netherlands from 1940-1943. He worked closely with Hans Rauter, Highest SS and Police Leader in the Netherlands, reporting to both Himmler and Seyss-Inquart, who was the Nazi governor in the Netherlands during the German occupation. Harster was considered partially responsible for the deportation to extermination centers for over 100,000 Dutch Jews of the 140,000 living in the Netherlands. He was also held responsible for his role in the abuses and murder of inmates at the Amersfoort Concentration Camp in the central Netherlands.


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Wilhelm Harster, Amersfoort



SS - Standaardleider and Security Police Commander Wilhelm Harster Bans Publication and Circulation of Jewish Books



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