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Note written on off-color, hole-punched notebook paper in pencil. A red German stamp on the upper left. Envelope: Off-white, coffee-stained envelope written in Polish in blue ink with a black stamp. A red checkmark next to the prisoner's number.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

A POW letter sent from Lancut, Poland to a Polish Officer POW in an OFLAG Camp near Lubec, Germany. After Germany invaded Poland, the Polish army surrendered four weeks later. Captured Polish officers were imprisoned in Offizierlager Camps or Oflags. Enlisted men were imprisoned in Mannschaftsstammlager camps or Stalags. Dr. Naworol is a medical POW in OFLAG XC. Officers in these camps were typically treated humanely, as opposed to Soviet prisoners – officers as well as soldiers. Germany was generally willing to treat Allied prisoners according to provisions of the Geneva Convention. In a letter written in May 1940 to the Camp Command he asks for suspenders because the pair that he has are useless.


6 x 8"


Lancut, Poland, Officer, POW, Lube, Germany, Prisoner of War



Letter from Lancut, Poland to Officer POW

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