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Tan poster with red borders. Includes Nazi Eagle and Swastika on top. Includes two portions of text, one in German and one in Polish. The German side is titled, "An die Bevölferung!" The Polish side is titled, "Obywatele!"

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Red-bordered broadside bearing Nazi Eagle device at top and announcing the German occupation of Poland. Titled in German and Polish: "To the population!", and reads, in part: "... According to the will of the Fuhrer and high command of the armed forces, German troops have marched into your country. In the areas occupied by German troops, Army Commanders have taken over governing authority. Their orders as well as the orders from all German military authorities are to be followed precisely... Strikes are forbidden, additionally, passive resistance and sabotage of all types will be considered an enemy act against the German armed forces and wil be dealth with accordingly. Each individual should follow orders given to him for his own welfare as well as for the welfare of the community..."


16 x 22"


Naczelny Dowódca Armii Niemieckiej von Brauchitsch, Nazi Seal, Poland, occupation of Poland, Fuhrer, Strikes



Broadside Announcing the German Occupation of Poland



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