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Front: Tan card. with various pasted stamps on top and bottom left, and a red hand stamp on bottom right. Printed lines and blanks, with information written in, and crossed out in black. Back: Red and orange hand stamps on top left.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Dreiturm (Three Towers) had been a German company owned by Max Wolf, a Jewish businessman. In 1933 Dreiturm was confiscated by the Nazis. At this point Mr. Wolf was counseled by his tax accountant to place the company in aryan hands so that he could enjoy a "peaceful future." In July 1934 Dreiturm was officially aryanized by the state and then "purchased" by the aryan firm Sidol for a fraction of its worth. Max Wolf and his family ultimately emigrated to England. The name Dreiturm Seife in Steinau is kept in place, but Wolf was no longer on the logo. Instead, the name of the washing powder produced by the firm, "Hexawa," was placed on the label on the "archive card," in spite of the fact that part of the old name Dreiturm had been retained. The Sidol Group was known to have worked on armaments production during the War. Many of Sidol's workers were forced laborers, especially Russian prisoners of war.


5 3/4 x 6 1/2"


Stempelbild, Dreiturm, Three Towers, Aryanized, Sidol, England, Dreiturm, Seife Hexawa, Max Wolf



Card Regarding Aryanization of Jewish-owned Victor Wolf Company, Dreiturm Seife



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