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Cover: Image of two men reading Torah; Interior: 41 acidic pages typewritten in French and Hebrew with some illustrations.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A book of prayers and meditative texts, some from secular and non-Jewish sources for use by children cared for after WWII in the home run by the French-Jewish Scouts Movement (EIF). These children had been saved from deportation to the death camps by the villagers of Le Cahambon-sur Lignon and residents of surrounding villages, led by Pastor Andre Trochme and his wife Magda. These villagers provided shelter, forged ID’s and helped some escape to Switzerland, ultimately providing refuge for approximately 3,000 Jewish children in flight from the Nazis and their Vichy minions during 1940-1944. This communal effort was not without tragedy: the Germans raided one school in 1943 and sent five Jewish children to Auschwitz where they were murdered. Andre Trochme’s cousin Daniel, a teacher was also arrested and deported to Majdanek where he was murdered. And the town’s physician who was active in securing false papers for Jews was arrested and shot in August, 1944. The villagers were all recognized by Yad Vashem collectively as ”Righteous Among the Nations”


8 x 6 1/2"


Le Chambon-Sur Lignon, Andre Trochme, Magda Trochme, Yad Vashem, Prayer Book, French-Jewish Scouts Movement

Seigneur Ouvre Mes Levres' [Lord Open My Lips, Psalms 51:15] Mimeographed Prayer Book in French and Hebrew