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Typewritten letter on ‘British Passport Control Office’ letterhead, signature of F. Foley Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:In this letter Foley, in his role as British Passport Control Officer, in the early years of the Nazi rise to power, attempts to reassure one Carl Heinz Grebenau that he will be able to obtain a visa to Palestine when certain conditions are met. He is perhaps referring to the Havaara agreement, which was to help Jews emigrate to Palestine by giving up possessions to German authorities.In the 1930’s, Major Frank Foley worked as a passport officer at the British Embassy in Berlin. But the job was a cover; Foley was an MI5 agent and he did everything he could to help Jews escape Nazi Germany by providing them with visas, passports and other means of exitAn unassuming former Roman Catholic seminarian and Classics major, fluent in both French and German, he headed the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) station in Berlin, where he was able to acquire details of German military research and development. He utilized as his cover his position as passport control officer at the British Embassy in Berlin. He risked his life helping Jews escape Nazi Germany. Without diplomatic immunity, at great personal risk to his own life, he helped many thousands of Jews escape Nazi Germany to Britain or Palestine by stamping passports and issuing visas. He hid Jews in his home, and even went to concentration camps to help free them. It is estimated that he saved as many as 10,000 Jews.He was posthumously accorded the status of Righteous Among Nationsby Yad Vashem.


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Frank Foley, British Embassy, Yad Vashem, Carl Grebenau

Letter Signed by British Hero Major Frank Foley



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