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Envelope: Blue envelope addressed in ink to Georg Eckstein. Includes handwritten return address to Bruno Lipschitz and censor tape on back.Letter: Two-page typewritten message on thin paper.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: This letter to Georg Eckstein was sent by Bruno Lipschitz, and postmarked from Olmütz, Austria. The purple rectangular marking contains the postal routing instructions: "by airmail to North America and from New York" and includes censor markings. The letter states that Bruno was taking it to the post office, in all probability referring to the law that Jews were enjoined from using mail boxes for outgoing foreign mail, and that they were required to hand deliver such mail to the post office personally, at which point the mail would be censored. Both letter and envelope have pencil censor notations at the top. The letter appears to be written by two persons, one of whom is probably the Bruno Lipschitz whose name appears on the envelope. Given Georg Eckstein's reputation as someone who could possibly help Jews, the senders were in all probability discussing possible passage to the United States.


4 1/2 x 6 1/8"


Georg Eckstein, Bruno Lipsehitz, Finland, Stamp, Air mail, Olmütz, Censor, Moravia, River Brünn



Correspondence to George Eckstein



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