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Envelope: Blue envelope addressed in ink to Georg Eckstein. Includes handwritten return address to Bruno Lipschitz and censor tape on back.Letter: Two-page typewritten message on thin paper.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: This envelope was postmarked from Olmütz. The city is on the Moravia River, about forty miles northwest of Brünn (Brno, capital of old Austrian crownland Moravia). The purple rectangular marking gives explicit postal routing instructions, "by airmail to North America and from New York" and includes censor markings. Fastidious censor attention to Jewish mail was not unusual, but the return address lacks the "Israel" middle name that identified male correspondents as Jews. The letter inside the envelope said that Bruno was taking it to the post office, which could mean that he was abiding by the German decree forbidding Jews to use mail boxes for outgoing foreign mail, a decree requiring such mail to be brought personally to a post office by the Jewish sender and to be handed to a clerk who would affix postage. In such cases, clerks may have directed mail to a Jewish censorship pile.Similarly to the envelope, the letter has pencil censor notations at the top. The letter was written by two persons. At times the first person -- possibly Bruno -- wrote in almost telegraphic form, leaving parts of the message unclear to persons unfamiliar with the persons and situations described. The letter discussed possible passage for the Jewish writers to the United States.


4 1/2 x 6 1/8"


Georg Eckstein, Bruno Lipsehitz, Finland, Stamp, Air mail, Olmütz, Censor, Moravia, River Brünn

Correspondence to George Eckstein