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Tan Dachau stationery with printed text in upper lefthand corner and printed lines. Includes a handwritten message from Siegfried Mundstein.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

A letter signed "Siegfried" on Dachau Concentration Camp inmate stationery with Nazi censor markings on last page. In this letter Siegfried Mundstein -- a Jewish inmate -- wrote to his wife. In full: "Dearest Magda! I have received your last letter of September 7 with great joy and thank you very much for the birthday congratulations. Thank the dear parents, your dear mother as well as the dear children for the congratulations. I am happily up and healthy and hope to see you all again soon. The weather was nothing special this week, but now the days are pretty again. Now, dear Magda, what about business worries? Are you the boss of the place, and are you finished with the scrubbing work? I am glad that the dear children are well behaved and healthy. Since a new school year is beginning, I wish Walter and Heinz really good success and want both of them to receive many good marks. Hopefully the children will not forget their Papa if he is also so many months away from you all. I am glad that dear mother and Malerine are healthy and are often with you. The news from Malerine is very pleasant and has definitely made Uncle Karl very happy. Thank your father again for his note and let's get ready to have the same joy. Now, Papa, how are things with you and Mama? You should remain only healthy as always. Hopefully, dear Papa, you will soon be rid of business worries, granting you and Mama, for the love of God, an exceeding old age. Your love and things as much as those of my beloved mother we must give the power without ceasing. Dear Magda, the sun will shine for us again, [and] with united strength we will begin a new life. You and the children are kissed a thousand times from your dearly loving Siegfried. Many kisses to the dear parents, mother, Malerine, Georg and Ernst. Greetings to the Pick family."


8 1/4 x 5 3/4"


Siegfried Mundstein, Magda Mundstein, Dachau, Censor



Letter from Siegfried Mundstein on Dachau Concentration Camp Stationery



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