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Yellow postcard with an illustration of a stereotyped Jewish man, holding a cane and map with the Communist hammer and sickle in one hand and coins in the other. Includes caption, "Der Ewige Jude" (The Eternal Jew) in type that mirrors Hebrew.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: To further anti-semitic objectives, an exhibition named "The Eternal Jew" was established in 1937. The exhibition depicted Jews in every imaginable negative and unfavorable way. Truth and history were totally ignored and ugly and inane falsehoods were presented as facts. This show appeared in five cities during the following eighteen months. Each city had a special cancel for the event. The locations and dates of the exhibit were:Munich: November 8, 1937- December 19, 1937 Vienna: August 2, 1938 - October 23, 1938Berlin: November 12, 1938 - January 13, 1939Bremen: February 12, 1939 - March 5, 1939Madegburg: May 13, 1939 - June 11, 1939.This postcard issued for the Vienna Exhibition is similar to the 1937 Munich Exhibition card (2012.1.477); however, it was printed on inferior paper and had no imprinted postage. The 3-lines of wording reads: "Grand Political Show in the North West Railway Hall of Vienna. From 2 August 1938. Daily viewing from 10-20 hrs". The special cancellations for the event consisted of a circular dial with "Exhibiton of the Eternal Jew - Vienna." Also, an oblong cachet reading "Visit the Exhibition 'The Eternal Jew' Vienna."


6 x 4 1/4"


Propaganda Caricature The Eternal Jew Munich Vienna Berlin Bremen Madegburg Great Political Show in the Library of the German Museum Munich Capital of the Movement

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