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Typewritten message on tan paper with signature in pencil.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946) was a Nazi leader considered the ideologist of Nazism. He was Reichsminister of the eastern territories and executed at Nuremburg. This letter was written in Munich to Mr. Rudiger in the Artam Program. The Artam Program encouraged German youth to volunteer for agricultural work while indoctrinating them in Nazi beliefs. In part "Your letter from February 22 disappointed me because I had no idea of your plan. As you know, it was originally taken in view, to hold just for the Pentecost with the Fighting Alliance for German culture and other officers together with a youth and culture. Whether in Goslar or elsewhere, we from Weimar have determined that's not likely to continue. Now I heard, for the first time, that you want to organize an overall meeting in Gauernitz on the Elba... I don't know the extent of your work already... if it is at all possible. The special features of the meeting for the rescue of the East Germans, even underlined, are thus unable to be effected..." In 1929, Rosenberg formed the Militant League for German Culture to propagate Nazi ideas.


11 1/4 x 9"


Ideology, Nazism, Artam, Program, German youth Military League for German Culture, Alfred Rudiger Rosenberg



Letter from Alfred Rosenberg



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