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Letter written in black ink on lined Dachau stationery. Addressed to Maria Radzikowska from Richard Radzikowski.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Translation: Dearest Marynienke: I am dedicated this letter to your name day. It will no doubt get there too early but I want the letter to be there on the day. I wrote to you last year for your name day. I am not an optimist but am hopeful that my letter will reach you in time. I wish I could see your happy eyes and could kiss you. I am sorry to say that distance between us is getting always farther and we are getting unhappier. On this day more than any other we will recall memories of times past. Tears will cover our eyes and our hearts will hurt. Nothing will change and life will go on just the same. Malenka, we do not want to give up hope -- that we will come September next year we will be together again finally. All disappointments, worries, fears and yearning will pass and we will be very happy once again. You are my wife and my friend. All that I can offer you is that your heart is mine and that I am very happy that this bond exists. This bond can not be broken by time or circumstance. I have nothing except the great yearning for you and to return to you. My present life and the life we will live after my return. I give you my heart and my life. What more can I give you? At present we are going through very trying times that demand patience and sacrifice. I received your letters. Both gave me impressions and peace. Thank you. I also received the package of Aug. 3. Everything was in good order in spite of the long time it took to get here. Your long letter was a real surprise. While reading it I felt the nearness of my beloved Marenka. Many thanks. It disturbs me what you write about “uncle” and that he hardly talks to anyone. It hurts me when I think of how hard you have to work. I am helpless and can not do anything for you or our dear parents. Please give hope and encouragement to our dear parents. I send kisses for you darling Matenke and Gize. I do not mean to be a burden to you. This is the reason why I asked you not to send me any packages. Perhaps some bread and cheese or tea. The noodles and peas made a very nice noonday meal. I know how difficult it is for you and that is the reason I do not expect anything for me. You shall keep it for you and the child. I have learned to tighten my belt. Shoes, I do not need -- the wooden ones I wear are good, only I need socks. I do not need underwear. I am permitted only to write to you. I greet and hug all of the good people. The fellows say thank you for your words of sympathy for Mr. Stelka who died recently. John, I understand you well, keep your head high and your eyes open -- people are not bad. Be careful. Do not be sad. Your youth will heal the pain. You will be happy. I kiss you and Marychena. I will write again soon in more detail. I send kisses for mama and greetings for all of our friends. Will our sister visit Herr Loga? If that would happen it would certainly make me very happy. My (?) is passed and foot is healed. Our precious and darling little daughter and Nahuhochig I send my love and kisses. Yours truly, Richard.


8 1/4 x 11 1/2"


Dachau, Richard Radzikowski, Marynienke Radzikowska, Maria Radzikowska, Radzikowska



Letter on Dachau Inmate Stationery



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