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Tan postcard with purple printed postcard lines with handwritten address to S. Hirowska and return address from S. Hajskopf with message written in ink. Message has red markings over it.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Postcard addressed to S. Hirowska in Warsaw, return address from S. Hajskopf in Lidzmannstadt Ghetto with message written in ink. Postcard returned unsent. The notations "unclean", "Yiddish and Jewish language forbidden" and "Returned" were applied by German censor. Return address: S. Hajskopf, Litzmannstadt Ghetto , "Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Dec 25. Translation: "Dear Aunt, Uncle, and Emek,Grandmother and I received your card and it made us very happy -- we are satisfied to know that you have work and that Emek is in Moridzeszyn. I am cetain that you know that I live with grandmother. The 10 Reuten Mark that you gave Mrs. Blass has been received by grandmother. She thanks you very much beceause she was in great need of it. Today she received the second Reuten Mark. We are pretty well and I am working. Grandmother sends all of you greetings and kisses - Greetings and kisses from me and all our friends. Over Felek. At another time I will send greetings together with Mama. -- Ewa Goldberg."


4 x 5 3/4"


Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Litzmannstadt, Ghetto, Stamp, Zuruck, Censor, Warsaw, Poland, Eva Goldberg, S. Hajskopf, An. Herrn, S. Hirowska

Litzmannstadt Ghetto Postcard Returned