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Tan postcard with purple printed postcard lines. Addressed to Alfred Ditrich from M.W. Orzegowski with message written in green ink.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Card sent to Breslau rejected for being unclean due to ink smear on right edge. Card not postmarked. Stamped "Zuruck" meaning return. Address is Mr. Engineer Alfred Ditrich Breslau Sadowa st 60. Note: red marking means dirty or unclear. Return address: MW Orzegowski Litzmannstadt Cranach street 26. "My dear Mr. Engineer, I feel much better and my health is improved. Maybe it will be possible for me to stay in bed at home for a few days in order to get some unbroken rest. leave enough money. In spite of the fact that I could request sick leave, a few days of complete rest would be wonderful. My uncle has lots of work in the event you write to him. Please sympathize with him, he likes that so very much. I don't care for that myself as I don't like myself that much -- One has to have understanding for older gentlemen. I must finish now in order to mail the card today -- I send greetings also to your wife and son. Please let me hear from you soon -- I wish you good health for the future. Greetings to you. Yours, MW Orzegowski. Litzmannstadt. 11 November 1941."


4 x 5 3/4"


Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Litzmannstadt, Ghetto, Zuruck, Stamp, Breslau, Alfred Ditrich, M.W. Orzegowski



Litzmannstadt Ghetto Postcard



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