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Denis Baly


A closer view of the Complex of Hasan from below the citadel. The complex is named after Hasan, the seventh son of of al-Nasir Muhammad. "This colossal project, probably the greatest of all Mamluk buildings, was built at the western foot of the citadel on a site adjacent to the large maidan … Measuring some one hundred fifty meters long and sixty-eight meters wide, it covers an area of nearly eight thousand square meters and contained a cruciform congregational mosque with four madrasas and a mausoleum of imperial scale, as well as an orphanage, a hospital, covered bazaar with shops, water tower, baths and kitchens" (Blair and Bloom, 82). (Source: Blair, Sheila S., and Jonathan M. Bloom. The Art and Architecture of Islam: 1250–1800. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1994.)


Cairo, Egypt



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