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Exhibition Event Title

94 Ruin Cleaning Project 94 清洗废墟计划

Date of Exhibition Event

10.12- 10.14, 1998

Location of Exhibition Event

East relocation area of Wangfujing Street, Beijing


Beijing, China


This review written by Huang Du mainly discussed one innovative a phenomenon in the 90s, Proposal art, as known as "text" in Huang's words review. Because of S social and political force majeure, artists had a hard time implementing performance, action, and or installation art. Therefore, artists divorced found a new approach around, which is , that is p Proposal a Art. The text becomes the medium a for artists to express articulate and exchange their ideas, but merely conceptual, not much actual work has been done. Zhan Wang's "94 Ruin Cleaning Project 94" is an exception. For details, please refer to Overall, Proposal Art or text leaves artists a space for conceptual communication and appreciation at a special time. See discussion on "Proposal Art" in Zhou Yan's "A History of Contemporary Chinese Art: 1949 to Present," pp. 307-308. (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)

As the Text of Artistic Communication- Avant-Garde Artists who Get out of An Embarrassed Situation作为艺术交流的文本-摆脱尴尬境地的前卫艺术家



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