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The artist mentioned several topics in this series of e-mails sent in 1999. On February 27, he provided his basic information, including his native place, place of origin and adolescent experience, academic life at the Central Academy of Fine Art and his cultural revolution experience in Beidahuang, Heilongjiang Province. Then, following up with the other two emails on March 4, they are about some thoughts on his exhibition, "My Window-You Jindong album exhibition of own works." For information about the show, please refer to The subjects of the works mentioned in these emails are mainly about the Cultural Revolution. He recalled a piece of private memory of the Cultural Revolution, which explains the inspiration and goal of this exhibition: redemption and introspection for what has happened in Chinese history. The last one was sent on March 12. It provided caption information of the works; in addition to his explanation of these works. (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)

Correspondence: YOU Jin-Dong to ZHOU Yan in March and February 1999



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