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This letter is written by Gao Minglu, an art critic, in Chinese. In this letter, Gao provides his understanding on Ye's "Post-Ceramics". This concept roots from the history of ceramics, which is summarized by Gao as Function-Art-Function. In the postmodernist era, ceramic art is supposed to return to its function, since the thread of post-modernism is massive product and mass communication. Ceramics should be dragged down from the art for the elite to art for the mass. Gao asserts Ye's project "Meta-Ceramics Art Series". It is a product as well as a manifesto. And Ye advocates evolutionary concepts of ceramic. The artist strivs for the artistic position of ceramics in the postmodernist era. (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)

Corresponse: Gao Minglu's letter to Ye Shuanggui 给叶双贵的一封信



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