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Exhibition Document

Exhibition Event Title

Meta-Ceramic Art Series

Date of Exhibition Event

April 1993

Location of Exhibition Event

Beijing, China


Beijing, China


"Meta-Ceramic Art Series" is a project carried out by Shuang-Gui Ye. In the artist statement, he stated that the goal of this project is to transfer pottery from apotheosized art into its essential feature of utility and from pottery only for the elite into the one for the masses. The artist believes that since primitive society, utility had always been the dominant feature of pottery, but later, it evolved into art. The artist is not satisfied with pottery in shrine and tried to bring utility back to pottery. He defins this phase as "post-pottery", which borrowed and combined concepts of "postmodernism", such as mass production, public art, and dissemination. In this phase, pottery must be consumable to the masses, but in a different context from the primitive phrase. To respond to this idea, the artist adopted the style of pottery from around the globe and replaced ancient decoration on pottery with anime symbols. Furthermore, the artist conceptualizes the idea of pottery. The idea of pottery is not defined by its medium nor decoration, but by its shape, which is embodied in the project that the poster and postcard all contain the shape of general pottery, and then any other features could give way to post-modern demand. For example, the pottery consists of card paper for the sake of massive production; the theme of decoration is anime characters for the sake of public favor. The cover image is the artist's statement of the artist, and you will find additional files of "Meta-Ceramic Art Series" listed on the bottom including envelope, the list of the artwork, and production introduction (Zhuocheng jiang '26)

Exhibition Document: Meta-Ceramic Art Series 大陶艺



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