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Exhibition Document

Exhibition Event Title

Magiciens de la terre

Date of Exhibition Event

May 18, 1989- August 14, 1989

Location of Exhibition Event

Centre Geogres Pompidou


Paris, Frabnce


Chinese ink, Xuan paper, Gauze


In order to break down ethnocentric pictures within the western contemporary art world, Jean-Hubert Martin, the curator of "Magiciens de la Terre,", intended to organize an international exhibition that features 50% western and 50% non-western contemporary artists. Yang Jiechang was one of the non-western artists, and he displayed his series of paintings, "100 Layers of Ink" in this exhibition. This exhibition is also the beginning of both Yang Jiechang's settle in France and the beginning of "100 Layers of Ink" series. (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)

Exhibition Document: Yang Jiechang in the

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