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Artist Notes


Texts and drawing printed on paper


“Today No Water - The Power of Ignorance” is divided into eight sections. Each section has one sentence printed in bold at the top, which could serve as a sub-theme of the notes. The artist provides pieces of drawing between the lines to illustrate his idea. In addition to philosophical notes that are inspired from daily life, topics related to the collision of modern and traditional, western and eastern culture, definitions in English about significant words in his ideology that are cited from the Xinhua Dictionary, and a recipe of a dish named “Today’s recipe” are the major components of each section. Besides, by throwing questions to the readers in the first-person narrative, Wu engages the readers with philosophical discussions in depth. Throughout this proposal, Wu utilized a combination of knowledge from natural science, social science, humanity and art to demonstrate his thoughts. Wu also permeates his ideology behind naming “Today No Water”, the intention of writing, and the expectation on selling, and where it would belong to. Wu and the Red Humor Group’s main feature is a “serious absurdity”. As it is pointed out by Zhou Yan, “Wu Shanzhuan is greatly mastered in the subject of absurdism, and this is determined by his unique personality, his attitude of treating life as a game, his intelligent and interesting way of speaking, and many other organic components of the characteristic of him as an individual. (Gao Minglu, “Chinese Contemporary Art History: 1985—1986”, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, p.206)”. (Yifan Shang ‘25)

Artist Notes: Today No Water - The Power of Ignorance 艺术家笔记:今天下午停水 - 无知的力量



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