Wu Shanzhuan



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Exhibition Event Title

"Please Don't Move"

Date of Exhibition Event

31.05.1996 - 14.07.1996

Location of Exhibition Event

Bahnwärterhaus Galerie der Stadt Esslingen

Rights Holder

Inga Svala Thórsdóttir. Wu Shan Zhuan


Black pen marks on paper


This is a proposal art, titled “Today No Water”, seen in "please don't move", a catalogue by him and his wife, Inga Svala Thorsdottier (Today No Water: Wu Shanzhuan Red Humor International 今天下午停水:吴山专国际红色幽默, Asia Art Archive, The proposal is written in English with a few words in Chinese as translations of the section titles and annotations. There are eight sections in total, listed from A to H. Diagrams are drawn in complement with annotations for this proposal. All the notes and diagrams are drawn in black-ink pen. (Yifan Shang ‘25)

Proposal: Today No Water - The Power of Ignorance 方案:今天下午停水 - 无知的力量



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