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Zhu uses ZHANG Xin’s artwork, “The state of the apple being cut,” as an example to discuss how China, a third world country at that time, after experiencing the fraction in culture and the cultural colonization of the West, the modern art lacks the foundation and the soil to develop its own style. In such a situation, a group of people is using their way to localize Chinese modern art. In this process, artists are mainly divided into two groups. Zhang Xin and Qian Weikang’s group, trying to remove art from its cultural background and restore the essence of objects; Another group, led by Ni Weihua and Wang Nanming, has tried to separate art from its everyday and cultural context through the special process (such as piecing together random words that strip away the most important “Expressive” function of words). However, the author then quotes Shi Yong’s proposition that it is impossible to express an ideology in artworks and to remove the humanistic metaphor brought by the social culture at the same time. The artistic expression will be affected by the author’s idea and the whole art history ideology. A few years later, the artists began to revise their past practices, and in the end, the author was open to the possibility of success in the localization of Chinese modern art.(Hao Yang ‘25)

Essay:After cutting an apple - The inner withering or regeneration? 切开苹果后- 内部革命的枯萎或再生?



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