Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan Art Exhibition 赵半狄李天远画展

Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan Art Exhibition 赵半狄李天远画展


Zhao Bandi 赵半狄, Li Tianyuan李天远



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Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan Art Exhibition 赵半狄李天远画展

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Universe Building, 14 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China


Beijing, China


In addition to providing the date, time, and location of an exhibit showing the work of Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan, this newspaper invitation provides a brief criticism of the different forms of painting seen in the past, suggesting reasons for the decline of painting as an art form. Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan designate these forms of painting into three theoretical galleries. The first “gallery” is challenged for merely hiding behind historical techniques, lacking in emotion and passion. The second, including works that stray from the art of the past in both radical and conservative ways, is mocked for the aloofness of the “radicals” and the cynicism of the “conservatives.” The third “gallery” is criticized for its lack of originality and its appropriation of other artists’ ideas, techniques, and even emotions for the sake of earning fame or money. Finally, Zhao and Li suggest that works from the present day should allow the artist to break free of any constraints from the past, embrace the emotions of the current age, and thus create works that facilitate a connection with the viewer. They title this ideal form of painting “The Fourth Gallery.” It is their goal that their works exhibit the ideals of this “gallery.” (Russ, Hannah ‘18)

Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan Art Exhibition 赵半狄李天远画展



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