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Qiang CHEN 陈强


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Summer 8-27-1994


Project on Paper

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Along the Yellow River


Compounded installation with Televisions, Water Samples, Computer CD Reel, Paper Prints, Broadcast devices, Rock Samples, and more.


Six components are demanded by this project. The following descriptions state them in the order from top to bottom (think of the structure of a bookshelf, with six levels). 1: TELEVISION displaying the documentary of this project and the 36 serial clips designed for this work. 2: WATER SAMPLES registering various parts of the Yellow River. 3: CD REEL which records the information of this project -- accessible with www. internet format. 4: PAPER PRINTS (journals newspapers, posters, postcards, etc.) that introduce AGEPASS. 5: BROADCAST DEVICES (radios, recorders, speakers) streaming broadcasts about this project and the selected sounds of nature along the Yellow River. (Jerry Wu'23).

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