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Wang ZHAN 展望


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Exhibition Event Title

94 Ruin Cleaning Project

Date of Exhibition Event

10.12- 10.14, 1998

Location of Exhibition Event

East relocation area of Wangfujing Street, Beijing


"94 Ruin Cleaning Project" is a socially engaging project addressing the issue of urbanization that was reshaping the cultural and environmental ecosystem in the 1990s. Wangfujing Street, the place where this project was implemented, was one of the most flourishing streets in Beijing and was undergoing reconstruction. The local government decided to demolish the communities and reconstruct a commercial district on the ruins. The artist's project was to decorate these ruins on the day workers were off. The decoration and cleaning process is as follows: 1. Clean a pillar with red bricks; then repaint the pillar with red paint; 2. Clean the half-leftover white gate frame; then repaint it twice with white paint; 3. Clean the decorative ceramic tiles with a piece of cloth; 4. Decorate a wall with indoor coating materials. (“Zhan Wang.” Zhan Wang Artist, www.zhanwangart.com/en/works/23. Accessed 20 Mar. 2024. ) (Zhuocheng Jiang'26)



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