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Exhibition Event Title

My Windows-You Jindong Album Exhibition of Own Works

Date of Exhibition Event

12.13- 12.20, 1998

Location of Exhibition Event

Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Japan


mixed media


194 x 130 cm


"There Are My Windows in the Trash of History" was presented in the show "My Windows-You Jindong Album Exhibition of Own Works," which is divided into two parts: one as a digital version of an oil painting and one as diaries dispersed on the floor. In the painting, the Red Guards are at the bottom, with red paint on their faces, but the crowds are upside-down at the top. A figure from the crowd cranes her neck to observe what the Red Guards are doing, while another nude figure bends over. The artist divided the painting into two sections and displayed an upside-down photograph of himself looking through a window. There is also a pile of diaries stacked in front of the painting, which the artist describes as naïve, pristine, and private, which might provide artists with textual reference to the painting. (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)



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