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Zhen CHEN 陈箴


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Project on Paper

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Origin and Myths of Fire

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The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan


Firecrackers and transparent resin


300cm x 300cm x 250cm


"Fireworks are one of the favorite to Asian people. 'Farewell to the old, welcome to the new.' Firework s always the sign of Oriental Carnival, and of driving out evil spirits, as well as the vent to one's sadness. This carnival, however, has gone to (sic.) far now, so that it leads to, sometimes, tragedy. Dual meaning -- joy & danger -- is implied in my work. Accumulation of firecrakers (sic.) made them 'things for play', and 'red evil' -- a potential explosion of energy & crisis -- at the same time. 'Celebrating the World' is questioning the contradiction of human beings themselves, and is the 'admiration' of tat 'extreme joy begets sorrow.' Transparent resin is used for security. It also lifts the 'monster' up to the air, so that the audience can reach 'the world.' 'Celebrating the world" wait (sic.) for the coming of fire, forever (Chen (Translated by ZHOU Yan), "Project Proposal - Celebrating the World", 1996)." (Jerry Wu'23).

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