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Exhibition Event Title

My Windows-You Jindong Album Exhibition of Own Works

Date of Exhibition Event

12.13- 12.20, 1998

Location of Exhibition Event

Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Japan


Film photo, oil, canvas


73 x 60 cm, 73 x 68 cm


"Ba Wang Bie Ji" is an installation art exhibited in the artist's show, "My Windows-You Jindong Album Exhibition of Own Works." The idea is to pry into the grand history through a small window opened by the artist. This piece is composed of two separate pieces that respectively depict two characters, Ba Wang and Yu Ji, from Jingju. juxtaposed to the image of the character on the stage, there is the portrait of the actress and actor themselves. Ba Wang and Yu Ji are the authentic historical characters and have been adapted into many forms of media. In Jingju, the episode of Ba Wang saying farewell to Yu Ji is extracted as a classical excerpt. The artist related this excerpt to the history of the Cultural Revolution, concluding that the game of power and hamulating the loser has been an old play in Chinese history, which is stated in this letter, https://digital.kenyon.edu/zhoudocs/392/ (Zhuocheng Jiang '26)



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