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Oil Painting


This painting shows multiple faucets overlaid on top of each other. The one closest to the front is highlighted with a bright red, and the positioning of the red color suggests multiple light sources pointed from various directions. The faucets in the background have less red coloration, though they are subtly and sparsely highlighted with a duller orange. They are also more singular in color, whereas the one in the front is speckled with an amalgamation of greens, yellows, and blues despite it being overall darker in coloration. This might suggest the power and masculinity of a sophisticated structure. In comparison to some of the artist's other works, the color palette in this painting is much more muted and drab, but the subtle inclusions of vibrancy, suggests a unboastful strength. Additionally, the artist utilizes her signature bold, expressive brush work style to depict these faucet-like images. Yang has mentioned that "solitariness" is a connecting concept threading all of her works together.(https://digital.kenyon.edu/zhoudocs/370/). This painting is part of the artist's serial works on faucets. (Nicole Wang 26').



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