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Oil Painting


In this painting, the focus is on yet another faucet in Yang Keqin’s “faucet” serial works. Faucet in Mandarin is 龙头, which directly translates to “lion head” in english. Serial works in the “Faucet” collection by the artist are usually labeled in the fashion: Faucet, series. 1; Faucet, series 2; Faucet, series 3; and so forth. Some translators have named the serial works as: “Water pipes, no. 1”; “Water pipes, no. 2”; “Water pipes, no.3”; and continuing. The series that this painting belongs to of the collection is unknown. Here, the mouth of the faucet is cut off and replaced by a line-work sketch of what seems to be a knob.. The knob, cap, handle, and nuts are painted with sharp jagged edges in a rusty brown color. In contrast, the body of the spout is painted with soft lines colored with iridescent blues, yellows, greens, purples, and oranges. The two parts of the faucet contrast each other, seemingly creating a conversation between the soft and harsh. The meaning of contrast between the questionably unfinished and finished components is up for interpretation. (Nicole Wang '26).



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