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(No Title Information -- Part of Faucet, no. 3)


This large-scale oil painting was made by Yang Ke-Qin in 1994. The serial work that this painting belongs to was originally titled "水龙头系列之二", meaning "Faucet, Series 2". 龙头, or faucet, literally translates to "lion head" in English. In this painting, the artist contrasts dark blues and bright yellows to highlight the strong energy of the industrial imagery. The faucet and yellow miscellaneous apparatuses are extremely bold in their physicality, and they are starkly contrasted by the reddish brown background. The largeness of the faucet provides the seemingly mundane item a sense of superiority and dignity. About her paintings, including the water pipe series, Yang has said, "some critics see sexual implications in the gigantic wine bottles and faucets, expression of or opposition to the principles of "alienation" in the twitched body parts with outstanding veins, or such qualities as "generosity" and "unconstraint" of the subject. For me, all the works have a similar name, i.e. solitariness" ( https://digital.kenyon.edu/zhoudocs/363/). Looking at this painting, the viewer can sense the masculine and sexual power of the solidary image. The faucet seems unmovable and unwaveringly existential. (Nicole Wang '26).


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