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Oil Painting


Yang has multiple paintings of women sleeping, usually naked and in various positions. In this painting, it is hard to make out distinct features of the woman's body and face, exemplifying the artist's trademark whimsical and blunt painting style. Moreover, the woman is slumped over with her hand on her left hand, instead of lying down. Her body is solidly red, which is unlike the other women in the series. The bold red color contrasts the tiredness in her eyes and her slouching, dejected position. Yang has often referenced the woman question, and her repeated depiction of tired women may point to the oppression universally felt by a patriarchal world. Personally. the rushed and chaotic style of Yang's paintings paired with the symbolism of unsatisfying rest suggests the impossibility to possess enough time to understand one's own oppression while living in a patriarchal society. (Nicole Wang '26).



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