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Installation (television, glasses, strings.)


This work is composed of two televisions, displaying different programs ("Urban Painting and Additives" and "Private Portraits" respectively). Before each television is a piece of glass with circle/line composed of words (think of words and sentences arrayed in the shape of straight lines or circles.) Audiences are invited to stand at a distance from the glass and television -- a distance that is calculated to accommodate an average person's vision. The audiences thus would need to process asynchronous information on the televisions from the two eyes simultaneously -- a struggle in logic; and yet, the information on the two glasses shall align or superimpose and offers legibility. The multi-tasks of reading information and confusion out of the tv and the glass is Chen ShaoXiong's interrogation on the (impossible) "relationship between the real, imagery, and language world" (艺术人文,陈劭雄丨存在的虚无与生命的短暂,TrueArt, 2016, Available on https://www.trueart.com/news/333194.html). (Jerry Wu'23).

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