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Xuan paper, Guaze, Linen


Jie-Chang Yang worked on the 100 Layers of Ink series painting from 1989 to 1999. Jie-Chang Yang used traditional Chinese Xuan paper as a canvas and applied ink to it. After it dries, he applies another layer of ink over the old ink and repeats the procedure until it is saturated. Because the Xuan paper became fragile and flimsy after being painting many times, Jie-Chang Yang used silk, paper backing typical of traditional ink paintings and linen to stabilize the work. (" Yang Jiechang: 100 Layers of Ink, 100 Layers of Action" Susanna Ferrell and Britta Erickson) http://yishu-online.com/wp-content/uploads/mm-products/uploads/2018_v17_02__ferrell_s_p012.pdf (Zhuocheng Jiang'26)


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