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Exhibition Event Title

Cai Guo-Qiang: Flying Dragon in the Heavens (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art)

Date of Exhibition Event

March 8-April 27, 1997

Location of Exhibition Event

Humlebæk, Denmark

Rights Holder

Jens Frederiksen


Japanese paper (8 sheets, 300 x 400 cm each) covering a wall 275 cm in height and 3600 cm long, 10 neon figures, gunpowder, kite, ventilator, video projector


“On the surface of the paper the artist has used gunpowder to draw various images related to the ongoing series entitled ‘Project for Extraterrestrials.’" “Neon figures have been mounted on the wall, behind the paper. The light which can be seen through the paper indicates the flashes and lights emitted in the realized outdoor projects in this series where light leaves the earth and flies out into the universe. This will make the thoughts of the viewer fly out into cosmos together with the light." “At the end of the ‘journey,’ at the far end of space, a kite can be seen, flying with the help of a ventilator. The realized gunpowder projects are projected onto the kite and the wall. Through the entire space the artist attempts to sum up his thoughts and actions through many years and to express the desire of man in this century to search for extraterrestrials or come into a dialogue with the universe.” (Fuchs, A., & Lund, E. (Eds.). (1997). Flying Dragons in the Heavens (A. Mester, Trans.). Denmark: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.)



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