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Tan XU 徐坦


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Date of Exhibition Event

November 24th, 1993

Location of Exhibition Event

Guangzhou, China


Plastic models, etc.


The on-site installation “Allegory of Love” is one of the works in the third activity of the “Big Tail Elephant” group, which occurred on November 24, 1993, at Guangzhou, China. The documents of this series include two photographs and one 35mm slide. The first photo captures a woman mannequin being placed amongst tables of local people who are having dinner outside. It wears a blue helmet, and shoots a large bazooka. The second photograph and the slide documents the end of this action, when a truck that carries the same mannequin stops outside the Mc. Donald's, after passing through some major spots in Guangzhou, such as the Haizhu Square and the Beijing Street. As the art critic Monica Dematte argues, “Xu Tan imagines his artwork as something between an object of everyday use (or non-use), and something that, due to its strangeness, gives a dramatic, theatrical feeling.” Plus, Monica proposed that the viewers are not required to understand the meaning of the work, because the work has its own existence despite the author’s idea. (https://digital.kenyon.edu/zhoudocs/351/). See links below for more photos of this work. (Yifan Shang ‘25)



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