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Third Exhibition of Big Tail Elephant Group 大尾象藝術活動第三回展

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Location of Exhibition Event

Central Hotel, Guangzhou, China


Installation (Fluorescent, watt-hour meter)


This installation is majorly composed of fluorescent lamps arrayed in the shape of a standing frame (think of the frame as in televisions). The left of the glowing frame extends a straight lamp diagonally; the end of the extended "arm" is another circular lamp. The right of the frame extends as well a straight lamp; however, it reaches to the opposite direction as its left counterpart. Placed within the illuminated frame is a hand-written sign, which indicates time on a specific date (two arrows are also included in the sign). Surrounding the enlightened installation are numerous cords. They are promiscuously enveloping the frame and are connected to a "control desk" at the left of the installation. CHEN ShaoXiong sits behind the "control desk", of which is located near the entrance of a bar. "5 Hours" in the title of the work refers to the maximum time the bar allows CHEN ShaoXiong to remain by its entrance (Sanderson, "Chen ShaoXiong", Art Review, 2016, Available on https://artreview.com/ara-autumn-2016-chen-shaoxiong/). (Jerry Wu'23).

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