Zhou Yan Contemporary Chinese Art Archive 周彦当代中国艺术档案



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Mixed materials on canvas


150 × 130cm


This work belongs to the “Big Stamp'' series. Light blue is applied to the predominant space of the background, green is painted at the outer ring, and navy-blue lines are painted as the frame of this painting. Plus, there are faded black circles stamped inside the square frame. In the center, a male body is painted in white and outlined in black. Standing with his arms extended to the side, this figure is treated symmetrically, like a diagram usually seen in a clinic or classroom of medical school. The right side of the human body is painted with several red curvy lines, representing blood vessels; and the left side is filled with muddy yellow dots. Under the center figure’s left arm, there is a smaller diagram with his/her arms outstretched to the sky. A vertical line of red dots is applied to the center of the body. Under the center figure’s right arm, a square is framed by black dots, smaller dots are depicted inside the square to compose an inner square, five red rectangular stamps are applied to the center and four corners of the inner square. See the link below for the background of this stamp. (Yifan Shang ’25)



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