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Oil Paint


This is a compound artwork by roughly three parts, three layers. By the bottom layer of the compound, we see a female figure in red pulling a taut rope by her two hands (perhaps is performing a form of dance or exercise). Her face is determined and resolved, even a little austere. She faces us frontally with a penetrative, pressing gaze. Layered on top of the female figural painting is another painting, painted disolutedly, though only two segments (two strips) of the paintings are shown. In the two strips we see three people are twisting their bodies and hands to a dramatic degree, perhaps are also doing some particular dances or exercises. Lastly, topped over the two "paintings" is a sketch made of silver pigments. The subject of the impressionist sketch is perhaps a large vessel on sail -- we see an erecting structure in this sketch resembling a sail ("the ship flag thing"). (Jerry Wu'23).


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