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Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China


Action art consists of Fabric


In this action art, artist Wang is dressed in a cuff printed with a red-cross, a conventional symbolism for hospital or health care settings, offering the work an "immaculate" or pollution-free air. While wandering around, the artist masks off his nose and mouth with a clean white fabric, as if wishing to filter the air that he breaths in. Wang's behaviors in this work echos the work's title, that he is playing the role of an "immaculate one", demanding extreme cleanliness of his surroundings. This action art might be Wang's exploration of human body, and how it can cast an epitome to the society at large. To the artist, the body is a free agent issuing emotions and actions; but at the same time, human body is also a receiver of its own commands. The relationship of human mind and its body is thus self-reciprocal. In the instance of being an "immaculate one", mind renders the pursuit to cleanliness on body while the very body started the awareness to cleanliness at the first place. The artist might also want to parallel the relationship to social studies, to see how this intricate, self-responding model of body can be applied to social realities. (Huang, 王劲松(Wang Jinsong), 2010, artda, available on https://www.artda.cn/yishujiakuguonei-c-3280.html). (Jerry Wu'23).



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