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Yang SHANG 尚扬


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Acrylic and oil on canvas


168 x 128 cm


The work's composition is bisected into two parts: the upper half depicts a yellow (and ocher) teapot placed in a volumetric cube. Above the teapot suspend a three ring-like items (not sure of their utility). The lower half of the work recalls Shang's previous painting series "The Great Landscape" (including "The Great Landscape 1994, and "The Diagnosis of The Great Landscape" -- both see entries in ZYCCA). While the upper half of the work -- the teapot -- was completed in the year of 1991, the explorative moment of Shang's artistic path, the alternative part was painted in 1995, a point when Shang has somewhat found his artist's voice. The work that travelled through time thus witnessed Shang's growth and evolvement as an artist. To speak the work in a larger picture, what this temporally sutured work recorded is the preliminary achievement of Chinese avant-garde artists: from an era of experimentation to a time when the artists' have established their artistic languages. (Artfox, Work Description for "The Great Landscape with Morning Tea", available on https://www.artfoxlive.com/product/5805623.html#prettyPhoto[]/0/) (Jerry Wu'23).


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