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Exhibition Event Title

Two Attitudes of Image 93 形象的两次态度93

Date of Exhibition Event

December, 1993

Location of Exhibition Event

Shanghai Huashan Art Vocational School Gallery, China


Iron sheet, gypsum powder, spray paint


As the work's self-suggestive title claims, the three-dimensional installation on floor is an example of an art object involving "length, width, height, and thickness". The main body of the work is a piece of wavy iron sheet, of which waved twice, forming a parabola at the center. On the upper surface of the sheet -- the side facing the ceiling -- a layer of gypsum powder was applied incompletely, covering only about 2/3 of the entire surface. By the iron sheet's four corners, as well as the center of the work body (the apex of the parabola), a total of six iron sticks were fixated to the iron sheet; on each of the stick, a bolt attached in the middle. The work's illustrative title perhaps has already given the installation of its most exhaustive explanation. Perhaps the installation played into one of Qian's tries at toggling art strictly into its materiality, measurements, and all the tangible, "rational" matters. (The work's title could be more appropriately translated to "An Example Involving Length, Width, Height, and Thickness; the title of this entry, however, is cited from that of the work's exhibition catalogue in 1993) (Mao, “新刻度”与钱喂康:中国早期观念艺术的两个案例, 2015, available on http://www.art-ba-ba.net/main/main.art?threadId=84411&forumId=8) (Jerry Wu'23).



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